Is it a quality log home?

Here are some questions to ask any log home manufacturer or dealer to determine the quality or their materials and building system.


At Strongwood, we suggest that the right answers to these questions are absolutely critical to having a quality log home. We know that we are among an elite group of European manufacturers who can meet these very high quality standards. It certainly does not const more to have the very best, a Strongwood Log Home.

When you choose Strongwood, you have the comfort of knowing that we don't skimp on the details. That's why virtually all logs and timbers that go into your Strongwood are properly kiln dried. That is why we are recognized worldwide as an innovator in the design and a leader in the manufacturing of log home Retreats, log lodges, log cabins, log homes and commercial log hotels, restaurants, office buildings, resorts, community buildings and camps.
works in progress...

The latest picture from our current project at La Chapelle Baton, France.


Here are the plans for our forthcoming project in Nice, France.