Logs and Log Profiles

Strongwood Europe supplies log home packages direct from the Strongwood mill in Mount Juliet, Nashville, Tennessee. They are available in a large range of sizes, profiles, corner styles and finishes and are all produced to the highest standards.

Strongwood Logs Are Best!
  • Properly kiln-dried logs mean easier building, better stain absorption, no settling or shrinking, less checking, and a superior quality home.
  • Kiln-drying means no mould, wood decay, fungi, larvae, eggs, or insects. It means we do not have to spray or dip our logs with any type of harmful chemicals in order to prevent these problems.
  • No special plumbing to account for movement of logs
  • No special HVAC construction to account for movement of logs
  • All of our logs are graded using log industry standards
  • We only use Eastern White Pine
  • We have a wide variety of profiles and corner styles available  
  • Matching siding is available for all log profiles
Log Style Is Composed Of 4 Elements At Strongwood
  1. Log Profile: D-Log, Square Log, Swedish Cope and Round Log
  2. Log Size: 6x8, 8x8, 10x8, 6x12, and 8x12
  3. Log Corner Style: Butt and Pass, Dovetail, Saddle-notch, Swedish cope
  4. Finish: Rustic, Hand-peeled, Smooth, and Chinked. Standard V Groove, and Deep V Groove.

D-Log Profile

6 x 8
8 x 8 - very popular
10 x 8
6 12
8 x 12

Available with a Butt and Pass or Saddle-notch corner


Square Log Profile

Available in:
6" x 12"
8" x 12"

With a Dovetail Style corner system shown with our Chink Groove option. We also offer our exclusive Square Log Profile with a rough finish on the outside of the log and smooth finish on the inside. This gorgeous kiln-dried log style is only available from Strongwood!

Suqare profile logs

Round Log Profiles

In 8 x8 with a Butt and Pass, Saddle-notch, or Swedish cope corner style.

Round profile Logs

Our 10" true kiln dried Swedish Cope with Saddle Notch corners is unique in the log home industry.

rounded logs

Perfect Walls are achieved with our easy building system and kiln-dried logs. Click here to see.

Finish your home with our high quality white cedar railings. Click on the here to see.

Kiln-drying makes the difference. One of the burners that heats the kiln. Our logs are in the kiln for 28 to 34 days at 180 degrees F. in insure that they are thoroughly dried. Click here to see.

The Kiln is one of the largest in North America. Click here to see.

Our 4 Way Seal means that your home will last a lifetime. It features
  • Single tongue and groove that has proven superior to multiple tongues
  • Foam gasket
  • Two strips of Energy Seal caulk
works in progress...

The latest picture from our current project at La Chapelle Baton, France.


Here are the plans for our forthcoming project in Nice, France.