Building Options

Building Options

With Strongwood Europe as your partner, as well as great design and building advice and the best log systems in the world, you will have several different building options to choose from. These choices are based on the amount of direct input the owner would like to have in the construction of their new home.

An Owner-Builder should have some building experience or hire a competent local building contractor. We will be happy to assist you in locating a good local builder. An Owner-Builder or building contractor does not necessarily need log building experience. An owner-builder should expect to be involved in the building process on a daily basis. Strongwood Europe will provide up to 7 days construction assistance on site for the first stage of log stacking and to train those who will be carrying out the construction.

An Owner-Partner does not need building experience but should have some previous home repair or do-it-yourself experience. An Owner-Partner may choose from a variety of levels of participation in their home building project. It may include such things as site clearing, getting permits, purchasing and/or installing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sinks, electrical fixtures, and plumbing fixtures, staining, painting and tiling or purchasing and installing flooring materials. It may also include other phases of the home building project, too. You choose how much you would like to do according to your time and abilities. Owner-Partners can save some money by being involved in the process of building their home.

Strongwood Europe will expertly manage every phase of the construction of a new home for the Turnkey Owner. There are dozens of decisions and choices to make regarding floor plan options, styles of windows and doors, exterior and interior colours, floor coverings, plumbing and electrical fixtures, counter tops, decks, and fireplaces among others. We will guide you through every step of the process from start to finish. Strongwood Europe Construction will manage your project, hire and manage all subcontractors and suppliers required and hand you the keys to your finished log home.

Option Responsibilities
  Strongwood Europe  will provide: Owner will provide: 
International customers
  • Consultation & planning
  • Site evaluation - optional
  • Design
  • Blueprints
  • Log home package
  • Construction manual
  • Up to 7 days onsite construction assistance
  • Construction help line
  • Design ideas and preferences
  • General Contractor
  • Subcontractors: excavation, cement, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, well, septic, and others 
  • Strongwood Europe may assist in securing a competent local contractor
  • (Same as above)
  • General contracting of your home, cabin, or commercial building
  • Assistance identifying a competent local builder, if needed
  • Design ideas and preferences
  • Assistance and participation as agreed in our contract.
  • Strongwood Europe may assist in securing a competent local contractor since you may also have a partnership building program with another local building contractor of your choice
Turnkey Owner
  • Strongwood Europe's building division, a Strongwood Dealer, or any other local contractor may build your home.
  • Communication with either local or out-of-area owners
  • Consultation, planning & design
  • Blueprints
  • Log home package and construction
  • Complete project management from start to finish
  • Weekly progress updates including online photos
  • Design ideas and preferences
  • Availability for progress meetings
  • Make all decisions regarding location of home, style, colour, and finishing preferences

Corporate Partners

The Strongwood Philosophy

We believe that if we offer our customers the very best log home in North America, then we should also offer them the highest quality building and finishing materials. It is also our belief that certain materials such as windows, doors, and log finish are only done once. They are not easily upgradeable. So, we encourage home owners to consider that materials such as lighting fixtures, cabinetry, floor coverings, and decorative items may be upgraded when their maximum project budget has been met. 

We are proud to be dealers or distributors for the following manufacturers:

Pella Windows - High quality windows

Sikkens Finish - The finest log home exterior and interior finishes in the

Timber Valley Millwork - Beautiful exterior and interior doors for log

Strongwood Railing System - Log home railings and posts Railing Systems

Landmark Shingles from Certainteed
works in progress...

The latest picture from our current project at La Chapelle Baton, France.


Here are the plans for our forthcoming project in Nice, France.